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All the wool in our products is produced by the sheep on our farm!

Fiber products – 

  • Raw Fleeces 
  • Roving
  • Handspun - bulky 

Yarn - 

Coopworth yarns, either 80% wool/20% mohair or 100% wool.

  • Worsted weight
  • DK weight (White only)
  • Sport weight
  • Fingering weight (White only)

Coopworth fingering, gray DKsport, 3-ply worsted, worsted



Cormo yarns are 3-ply 100% Cormo wool.

Dyed yarns - solid colors and painted skeins in both the Coopworth and Cormo yarns. 

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See yarns in person at the Division Street Marketplace in Plymouth, WI.