Welcome to Croftland Farm LLC

Located at the edge of the Kettle Moraine area in eastern Wisconsin, Croftland is a small farm focused on the production of select purebred Katahdin and Dorset sheep. The hills are well suited to a flock designed to thrive on forage. The handling of sheep and pasture rotation is made both pleasant and efficient with the help of trained, capable Border Collies.

A pastime of knitting led to experimentation with fleeces suitable for handspinning and yarn. The quantity of wool produced quickly outgrew the time to utilize the fiber. The quest for high luster fiber and the love of color has fed the enjoyment of working with this wool. Coopworth (long wool) and Cormo (fine wool) sheep have each contributed to the variety of wool produced.

Upcoming Events

September 11-13, 2020 Wisconsin Sheep & Wool Festival - a virtual event this year. The tile for our products is listed in the vendor marketplace.

Farm Items for Sale

See the new online shop for a wide variety of fiber products, both longwool and fine! https://shop.croftlandfarm.com/

...and our Facebook page  http://www.facebook.com/CroftlandFarm/

New in 2020! Cormo /Angora yarn.

2020 fleeces are here, shorn and skirted! a few choice ones remaining.